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Mt.Biking in Nepal

World Trail Finder Adventure offers Walking and Cycling Holidays trip in Nepal,Tibet,Bhutan and India.For anyone who truly loves to walk or cycle, the experience takes on another dimension in the himalaya. Discovering a new land at a slow pace with the ability to stop or change your route at any time is a truly magnificent way to spend your vacation.Pre-planned walking or cycling holidays free you from having to worry about getting your suitcase from A to B and from having to arrange your accommodation each evening.In some cases the trips are fully escorted while in other cases they are truly independent.The suppliers of these trips will pre-arrange your accommodation and breakfasts, provide luggage transfer between your hotels or guest houses and ensure you are equipped with reliable maps (and often GPS), directions and support. On the cycling journeys, bicycles are provided and are adjusted to suit your height and build. In fact, we have so many that it is impossible to describe each of them here.We suggest that you talk to us about the type of walking or cycling trip you are interested in and we can provide a selection of brochures which describe those journeys which meet your needs.The following two tables contain just a few samples of the types of walking and cycling journeys which were available in the past year.  We used to try to update these tables when the new brochures arrived, but frankly this is a monumental task and we continue to be far behind in our efforts. We have all the latest brochures available and can forward them to you quickly.