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Village Tourism

World Trail Finder Adventure is together with village tourism in Nepal and our team believe that village tourism offers a unique opportunity for comfortable cultural immersion. You travel to places where the way of life has not changed and where everything is still built by hand, and created by hand. Visit people untouched by western ideals, computers or modern "necessities".Village tourism is differs from trekking in a couple of important ways. First, although some walking is involved, and a trekking permit may even be required, exercise is secondary to the cultural experience: the whole point is to stay in one village and get to know its people, not to cover distances between villages.Village tourism in Nepal Second, accommodation is in an actual home, not a trekking inn filled with other backpackers, so the cross-cultural exchange is more authentic. And while participating villages obviously do get tourists, they get far fewer than even the most minor halt along a standard teahouse trek, and are completely uncommercialized.
Tourism and its economic benefits are far too concentrated in a few areas of Nepal, so village tourism is seen as a promising way to disperse visitors and spread thewealth. Under the best programmes, local people get to keep 50 percent of the proceeds - that's big money, given the high rates charged by operators - and since all food and services are locally produced, virtually all of the money stays in the community. However, if village tourism catches on, get-rich-quick operators can be expected to dive in with cut-price packages that give locals a much smaller portion of the cut, so if you're considering a village stay, question prospective operators closely about where the money's going.

Our company mainly focuses on remote area trek and village tourism to help village peole and 10% of our total profit goes into there village tourism community.

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