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Nepal, a country full of fascination blessed with natural wonders capturing world 8th highest peaks including number one Mt. Everest to world 10th highest massive Annapurna Himalaya.
Besides peaks and mountains Nepal famous for its ancient culture and warm hospitality when serving its guests on route travel with overnights around rural traditional and charming villages and towns.

Kathmandu is the centre and capital city of Nepal, where most of the world heritage and ancient monuments are located, beyond Kathmandu valley and around Nepal are places of great delights with spectacular views of snowcapped peaks along with its ancient historical roots around popular touristic destination and in some places where few travelers seldom venture. 

World Trail Finders Adventure organizes and run various cultural and scenic destinations beyond Kathmandu around Nepal, where we provide expert guides and tour escort includes exciting and interesting overland drive in the comfort of spacious seat vehicles as per group sizes, and some tour involves scenic flights to reach the destinations of your choice of holidays.

Picturesque Pokhara:

Pokhara a scenic city located within beautiful green valley of forest and pristine lakes with towering peaks of Annapurna and Mt. Machhapuchare ‘Fish Tail’ an amazing and unique place, one of the most famous-popular tourist destinations of Nepal, and probably in whole Himalayan region.

Pokhara with its pristine lake Rupa-Begnas and Phewa (Fewa) Tal, where serene lakes capture the reflection of the Annapurna Himalaya and majestic Machhapuchare the Fish Tail.

Pokhara valley and the city blessed by nature with high Annapurna mountain range where most of the trekking starts and ends in Pokhara.

An ideal place for short walks and hikes to get glimpse of countryside and with mountains at close distance with striking views of sunrise near Pokhara from a hill top at Sarankot, an ideal spot for short walk and hiking for all types of people from family, school / collage group and corporate people.

Day Hike and tours around Pokhara Valley:

Sarankot hill top a few hours hike and short drive from the hotel at Phewa lake side.

Sarankot hill top the highest spot around Pokhara valley at 1, 460 meters with super views of mountains, Pokhara green valley and its city with Phewa Lake below, beside the fabulous panorama famous for paragliding which is one of the most popular adventure sports around this scenic place.

Buddhist Peace / Shanti Stupa: 
A short walk uphill from Devis Fall or take a boat ride on Phewa lake and hike for one to two hours, an excellent view point with short hike to the top ridge of Pokhara serene valley at Shanti or Peace Stupa, located south of Phewa Lake on a ridge top.

Peace / Shanti Stupa, a Buddhist pagoda monument on a hilltop, also known as Ananda hill. Built by Japanese monks with local supporters, this beautiful spot offers super panorama vista of Pokhara valley and of Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Lamjung and Manaslu range of snowcapped peaks towards north.

Beside short hike around Pokhara one can walk to Bindhyabasini Temple, Devi’s water fall with Gupteshwor Mahadev cave all this program are done in a day before breakfast and after breakfast, lunch stop on route with boating in the serene lake Phewa.

Gorkha the origin of present day Nepal:
On driving distance of 4-5 hours on route Kathmandu and Pokhara. Gorkha town, an ancient town on a hill with ancestral home of the former Shah dynasty which ruled Nepal to this day. It is from here that King Prithvi Narayan Shah started his conquest of the country's various tiny kingdoms and unified them into a single nation, Nepal. Perched one thousand feet above Gorkha Bazaar, the palace dominates the surroundings and is visible from all around the area. The palace also boasts beautiful architecture.

Al though only Hindus are allowed to enter the palace premises, it is worthwhile walking up the stairs for the view.

Bandipur (famous for mountain views and culture in the comfort of Home Stay):
Bandipur town and a village, a new emerging destinations of Nepal in the form of community-based tourism which reserves a splendid variety of natural and socio cultural diversity crammed in its small area. Bandipur hill town is located Tanahun district, southern corner of Gandaki zone, which is surrounded in Mahabharata range.

It is situated south of the Prithivi highway midway between Pokhara and Kathmandu, located about 143 km west of Kathmandu and 74 km south east of Pokhara and 7 km of south above form Dumre Bazaar of Prithivi highway.

A new concept, called eco-tourism, has emerged as a responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and sustains the well being of local people. The global tourism patterns have prompted adventure tourists and eco-tourists to visit new area and spend liberally to new destinations.

Tansen / Palpa (the ancient gateway town of Nepal / India):
Driving distance from Kathmandu about 6-7 hrs and from Pokhara near 4-5 hours.
Tansen, one of the few towns in Nepal with rich legacy of traditional art and architecture,
on reaching Palpa overnight in local style hotels of nice comfort afternoon visit the street of Palpa Tansen which is interesting to observe the local activities.

Tansen with historical sites like Tansen Durbar built in 1927 AD by Pratap Shamsher Jung Bahadur Rana, a grand imposing palace in the heart of the town, once the seat of the Rana governors, the Durbar is now the district secretariat of Palpa district.

Shitalpati (the Round House) is another attraction of Tansen. Built by Khadga Shamsher, the original Shitalpati is of octagonal shape. The ‘Baggi Dhoka’, the biggest gate of its kind in Nepal is located in this square. The locals often compare it with architecture of Mugal Empire in India.

Lumbini Birthplace of Lord Buddha:
(By air 50 mins and with overland 7-8 hrs drive)

Lumbini Birthplace of Lord Buddha, also known as ‘Light of Asia’ located Nepal’s Far South West at Ruphendi district around Lumbini state, an important holy and nerve centre for Buddhist followers.
Lumbini a Sanskrit word for "the lovely" a Buddhist pilgrimage site one of four Buddhist pilgrimage sites based on major events in the life of Gautama Buddha. Interestingly, all of the events occurred under trees. The other three sites are in India: Bodh Gaya (enlightenment), Sarnath (first discourse), and Kushinagar (death).

Lumbini is the traditional birthplace of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, who was born in the 7th or 6th century BC.

In 249 BC, a Buddhist convert Emperor Asoka visited Lumbini and constructed four stupas and a stone pillar. Asoka’s Pillar bears an inscription.  Lumbini was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.

The most important temple at Lumbini is the Maya Devi Temple, which enshrines the traditional site of the Buddha's birth. The current temple stands on the site of earlier temples and stupas, including the stupa built by Asoka.

The Maha Devi temple is surrounded by the brick foundations of ancient temples and monasteries. All around Lumbini, long lines of colorful prayer flags are strung between trees. They carry prayers and mantras heavenward as they flap on the breeze.

The other main sight of interest at Lumbini is Asoka’s Pillar, near the temple. It is protected by a small fence, which is decorated with prayer flags and banners from the faithful. Around the courtyard containing the pillar are bowls for incense sticks, and there is room to sit in front of the pillar for contemplation.

ILAM famous for tea gardens in the shade of Mt. Kanchenjunga:
(By air to Bhiratnagar or Bhadrapur 45 minutes and drive to Ilam of few hours)

Ilam town situated between the alleviation ranging from 140m to 3,636m one of the pristine destinations for tourists. Famous for tea production, Ilam a small hill town with beautiful landscapes sloped with tea gardens, mountain streams, dense natural forests, holy sites and a unique culture.

Offers a nice country walk around tea garden, tranquil picnic and sightseeing stops, short treks along gentle slopes, or a trudge into the nearby woods, best time to visit between Octobers - December or from April - February.

Ilam area regarded as one of the richest districts in Nepal in terms of its cultural diversity, natural landscape, and flourishing cash crops sector. Besides, it is also popularly known as the place of botanical and anthropological research. Ilam reflects rich cultural and social heritages of people living in harmony.







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