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Bank Details

Payment Method :-

Please use any of the following Account Number according to your convenience.

  * Name of the Account Holder: - World Trail Finder Adventure. P. LTD

    World Trail Finder Adventure NPR (Nepali Rupees) Account
    Account Number: - 01903043610019
    Account Type: - Current
    Paying Bank:-Himalayan Bank Limited
    Bank Address:- Tridevi Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal
    Post Box No: - 20590
    Bank Telephone No: - 977-1-4227749, 4250201
    Fax No: - 977-1-4222800
    Telex: 2789 HIBA NP
    Swift Code: - HIMANPKA

 * Name of the Account Holder: - World Trail Finder Adventure. P. LTD

    World Trail Finder USD Account
    Account Number: - 03800100257797000004
    Account Type: - Current
    Paying Bank:-Prabhu Bank Limited
    Bank Address:-Narsing Chock, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal
    Bank Telephone No: - 977-1-4258766,4258810
    Fax No: - 977-1-4268391
    Swift Code: - PRVUNPKA

Important notice
1. Please ask your bank to advise payment to either Bank by authenticated SWIFT or Tested Telex message. Use one of the banks above with correct company address.

2. Whether you transfer money to Himalayan Bank under World Tail Finder Adventure accounts.

3. During transfer, the transfer service charges are sender's responsibility, please make sure we could receive the actual amount invoiced with your bank. Also, please note that during making bank transfer if your bank does not have direct link with our bank then they might have to use another intermediary bank and in this case there might involve more bank charges so, please check with your bank regarding this

4. TO ENSURE YOUR TRANSFER ACCURACY, any inefficient or inaccurate transfer may delay the reservation procedures. Deposits are required to guarantee at time of reservation.

5. Please send us the scan copy of bank transfer via email after payment transfer has been made.

6. To avoid high transfer service charges, you can make payments by Credit Card (we accept all credit cards) at anytime. For more details, please click here