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Nepal Helicopter Tour

Helicompter Sightseeing TOUR

Helicopter tours in Nepal 

World Trail Finder Adventure treks is not only trekking and tour company,we also arrange heli tours for people who have limited time or elderly, who are not able to trek due to physical conditions. The heli tour can be run for trek to inaccessible areas or just to shorten the trips which otherwise would have taken longer. Since the whirlybird needs only a small landing space, it can be hired to take tourists to whichever destination and at whatever time they want to go. No wonder chartering a helicopter for sight-seeing / heli trips has become a popular tourist activity in Nepal. Some of the popular heli charter flights are listed below.


We can arrange helicopter evacuation in emergency due to altitude sickness or suffering injury during expedition/trekking and/or health conditions requiring urgent medical attention and care. We have very good working relationship with local helicopter companies and thus rescue can be arranged very swiftly.

As part of our social responsibility we are making this service available free of cost for all tourists/trekkers. We will even provide you free airport to hospital taxi or ambulance service as required. This service is available to anyone. You need not sign up for treks or other tour packages with us. If you would like us to coordinate rescue in case of emergency then please send us your insurance policy details (eg policy number, contact phone, coverage, etc), and your trekking or tour details (trek area, departure date, etc), and we will send you our local contact details to call in case of emergency.


We can arrange exclusive use of helicopter for special purpose and need. This could include rapid point-to-point transfer, executive transfers, aerial survey, photography and filming, site inspection, geological exploration, and general charter to meet client's individual requirements.


There are two types of helicopters currently operating in the private sector: AS 350 B series of helicopters which are manufactured by Eurocopter, France and are very popular all over the world. It is regarded as one of the most versatile helicopters and is suitable for mountain flying and all types of helicopter missions. Following are its features:

     Fail Safe Design

    Comfortable Seating Arrangements
    5 seats excluding Pilot
    Suitable for all types of helicopter missions
    Can fly up to an altitude of 16,000 feet

Other helicopter is the powerful Russian made MI-17. This is a big bird, capable of transporting 22 passengers or four tons of cargo. MI-17's can reach altitudes well in excess of 5.000 m and have been known to land at Everest Base Camp. They offer excellent utility and reliability under extreme conditions. These helicopters are usually charter for bigger groups or large cargo.

Below are some of our popular helicopter tours we operate.